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About Us

At Downtown Lansing Inc. (DLI), we’re committed to promoting the culture and vitality of Michigan’s Downtown. We know that downtown is more than a district — it’s a place to unwind, a place to start, a place to connect, a place to live, and a place to celebrate.

As champions for our district, DLI works together with stakeholders by providing channels of open communication, tools to perpetuate our culture, and reliable information that strengthens community engagement. We’re here to support and connect the community, whether it’s coordinating events, securing grants, or simply fostering a strong sense of involvement.

If you’ve attended an event downtown, checked out a pop-up on Washington Square, or simply enjoyed one of downtown’s parks or public spaces, you’ve experienced how DLI impacts our community first-hand. We see downtown as an ideal place to spend a day or an evening, and we work to uplift our neighborhood in every way possible. We hope you’ll join us.

We Value


We are creating a culture where residents, business owners, volunteers, and city leaders work together to achieve common goals, championing the future of Downtown Lansing (and having a lot of fun in the process).


We are creating a culture where community members actively seek out opportunities to carry forward and sustain the vision of DLI through volunteerism and ongoing acts of service.


We are creating a culture where people of all social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, interests, ideas, and abilities can coexist in an environment of respect and amicability.


We are creating a culture where our existing assets are strengthened and the future landscape is diversified, ensuring a thriving environment for every stakeholder.


We are creating a culture where residents, neighbors, and visitors alike feel a sense of welcome, inclusion, and opportunity in Downtown Lansing.

Our Vision

As Michigan’s Downtown, Lansing is a thriving and inclusive district where community, commerce, arts, and entertainment come together to lead the way forward for our state.

What does "Downtown Lansing" include?

Downtown’s Lansing includes all spaces within the “Central Business District,” which is bounded by St. Joseph St. to the south; the east side of Capitol Ave. to the west; Shiawassee St. to the north; and Larch St. to the east. Established in 1996, the Central Business District contains more than 1,000 businesses in a 64-block area. The downtown area is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.