Welcome to Lansing: Here’s what’s new in 2022 — shopping, entertainment and more!

If you haven’t been in or around downtown Lansing lately, you may not have noticed all the new and updated businesses, each one actively contributing to an increased level of activity and bustle. Among the most significant changes: A new downtown grocery store, an incubator for aspiring retail shop owners, some truly unique restaurants and stunning new art displays. Love to shop? Downtown Lansing now features even more shopping options than you remember, thanks to older stalwart businesses who’ve persevered — e.g. Kositchek’sLinn & Owen JewelersThe Peanut Shop — and newer entrepreneurs finding their home downtown. Enjoy perusing books and fashion, graphic novels and board games, as well as plenty of gifts and home decor. Not to mention the recent addition of the Nelson Gallery and new home for the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, both selling local art to keen-eyed patrons.

In addition to our great art galleries and performance spaces, a host of community events and partners have created more opportunities for local arts and artists than ever before. Live music, poetry events, open mics, festivals and fairs are multiplying and we are here for it! Plus, the City of Lansing has announced a new performance center coming soon thanks to $2 million in dedicated state funding — and perseverance from a very involved arts community. Visit downtownlansing.org for upcoming things to do downtown.https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/life/2022/07/23/welcome-lansing-whats-new-and-around-downtown-2022/10115285002/