The pandemic changed the way we eat and get food

MLIVE story. March 20, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic changed many aspects of life, including how people eat, get groceries and enjoy food.

Restaurants began offering curbside pickup, grocery-delivering apps were created, and people started cooking more at home rather than eating out. Like almost everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s relationship with food.

Burcay Gunguler, 45, and her husband, Aybars, opened Social Sloth café in downtown Lansing in August 2020. The couple created a space to share their love of Turkish baked goods and coffee, something Gunguler believes is missing from the city. Adhering to COVID-19 standards, the couple came up with unique ways to introduce people to their café.

The café now has some regular customers, but Gunguler is slowly growing its clientele through creative initiatives such as holiday brunch boxes and virtual or in-person cooking workshops. The couple also utilizes social media to promote the café and word of mouth.

“When people come, they like the food and the atmosphere and the service,” Gunguler said. “We want people to eat slowly, like mindfully.”
The café offers baked goods, like baklava and eclairs, as well as traditional Turkish breakfast and brunch. Social Sloth has curbside pick-up, to-go, and dine-in options.