The Louie unveils new mural honoring Louie Boji

LANSING, Mich. — The Louie building in downtown Lansing has some new artwork to display. The mural, painted by Joshua Adam Risner is meant to represent the legacy of Louie Boji, founder and chairman of the Boji Group.

“The Boji family has done so much here in this city. I know you’ve done so much throughout the state,” said Mayor Andy Schor. “To be able to walk by and see that that beautiful mural every day…It’s a testament to to everything that Mr. Boji did for us.

Louie Boji, who is now in his 80s has had a major impact on Lansing and the state as a whole. In Lansing’s downtown, The Boji Group renovated many buildings in recent years. Right on Allegan Street. Boji Tower and the Hollister Building were both revamped by the Boji group and – fun fact – are connected via underground tunnel.

“This is a really monumental day,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. “I worked for four years in this building. It never looked this beautiful, I can tell you that. And it is striking the investment that you’ve made in the city of Lansing and the employment you’ve given people so many good lives.”

The mural which now hangs in the Louie Building’s foyer can be admired from the street and is titled “A Father’s Dream.”