Symbiosis and Interspecies Collaborations an exhibition by Ladislav Hanka is now on view

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center announces the opening of Symbiosis and Interspecies Collaborations an exhibition of work by Kalamazoo-based artist Lad Hanka. Lad is a visual artist and beekeeper, his etchings are inserted into his hives allowing the bees to manipulate and change the work.

The several etchings you will see, encrusted with amber-hued beeswax, are made in a time-honored way, much as Rembrandt recorded the Dutch landscape on copper plates in the 17th century. They are made by hand and rely upon extensive fieldwork before being completed in the studio. These works often take on a second life, when I insert them into a living beehive, where bees take over and continue the now collaborative creative process.” – Lad speaking of his work.

Visit the Gallery
View the exhibition from July 8 – Aug 21, 2021, during our new open hours: Thu – Sat 11 AM – 3 PM. Learn more about Lad’s work and his process HERE

Meet & Greet – Be inspired on-site and meet the artist!
Saturday, July 17 from 11 AM – 3 PM, learn more HERE

Virtual Artist Talk
Wednesday, July 21 at noon, register HERE

Thank you to Rich Sneary and Jon & Barb Whitney for generously sponsoring this exhibition.