Michigan Waterways Stewards work to reclaim Lansing’s riverfronts

On a Sunday morning in July, Cal DuLow and his 18-year-old son, Xan, left their home in Grand Rapids to go magnet fishing in downtown Lansing.

They had plans to meet other hobbyists at the riverfront to share in the plunder, but ended up arriving early. To kill some time, they drove a few miles east to scout a stretch of the Red Cedar River in East Lansing.

They came equipped with powerful Kratos 1350 neodymium magnets and tri-pronged hooks that they fasten on the end of thick ropes. When they find a suitable spot, they plunk them over the railing and feel around for a pull, at which point they’ll reel it back up to find unseen junk or potentially treasure.

They usually run tests just to see if anything pulls out, because sometimes they don’t find anything.

“That day, we just kept pulling out scooter after scooter,” Cal DuLow said, referring to rentable electronic scooters that are prevalent on college campuses. “We decided to keep going.”

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