Lansing Shuffle hosts grand opening, opens doors to community for first time

Lansing Shuffle & Social Club opened its doors to customers for the first time today during its grand opening event.  

The business’ opening day falls roughly three years after owner Jonathan Hartzell first had the idea to open up a community center focused on the food and entertainment experiences. 

Hartzell cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reason why the opening process took so long, but he said he’s excited to finally see the location filled with customers. 

“It’s like giving birth to a baby that now you get to raise,” Hartzell said. 

Despite the snowy weather, the new entertainment joint quickly filled up. Customers perused the variety of food, listened to the live band and examined art on the walls painted by artist Gary Horton.

Utility manager and bar employee Conor Bitz said he was excited about the high turnout.

“We’ve just put together a really awesome place for everyone and honestly, like, it’s already coming alive at this moment,” Bitz said.

The space will eventually be filled with seven restaurants. Five were open and serving food at the event, including Browndog Creamery, Yeti Kitchen, Irie Smoke Stack, Kin Thai and Osteria Vegana.