Lansing moves forward with converting some one-way streets into two-way streets

LANSING, Mich. — For decades, some drivers have had to pack their patience when trying to navigate the one-way streets in downtown Lansing.

Now, city leaders are sharing plans to open up some downtown roads to traffic in both directions, and that could really change the game for motorists.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor says the six roads include Capitol Avenue, Grand Avenue, Ottawa Street, Allegan Street, Pine Street and Walnut Street.

Schor says there are many benefits to making these changes.

“It will be more safe but it also promotes our business community. It makes sure that we can have more of a business influence. When you think of our downtown you think Washington Square where its two ways and people are stopping and grabbing a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee. We want to see that on Grand. We want to see that on Capitol,” said Schor.

On Wednesday, the city held an open house for the public to come and ask questions or express concerns about the project. The event wasn’t a big draw, but officials think it’s important to use all the methods they can to get the word out ahead of the weekend.

“If they come down after Saturday, they need to realize that if they’ve turned into lanes that might now be the other direction to be careful about that,” said Kilpatrick.

The Capitol/Grand project is expected to be opened up by the end of the weekend, but other road projects like Pine and Walnut, won’t get started up until the fall.

If you’d like to learn more, we have a link to the road projects here.