Jackson Field hosts first-ever Olive Burger Festival

Lansing’s Jackson Field hosted the first-ever Olive Burger Festival on Saturday. Organizers say all of their hard work to celebrate this Lansing staple was a recipe for success.

“I would say that, we were able to get the word out and we really appreciate the sponsors that were able to help us, get the word out with the promotions. It’s also a testament to the people who really wanted an olive burger festival, ” said Erin Brains, co-founder of Lansing Foodies.

The behind scenes process to get everything set up made it a great overall experience, especially for the first event of its kind.

“I think that it was super fun, cause everyone was really into it, and people really wanted an olive burger festival to happen, so I had a lot of people coming together and collaborating,” said Brains.

The event drew thousands of foodies together from across the region to chow down on this unique burger, that comes with chopped olives and sometimes a secret olive sauce. Local restaurants and food trucks provided their own spin on it, while the crowd listened to live music and children enjoyed other fun activities.

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