‘I’m going to make my stamp here’: Lansing Micro Market welcomes 6 new businesses

Downtown Lansing welcomed six new businesses to Washington Avenue at their grand opening ceremony at Middle Village Micro Market.

Middle Village allows new businesses to test their products and ideas while becoming active in the Lansing community and growing their customer base.

The program was created by Downtown Lansing Inc. in October 2021 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and vacancy rates in downtown Lansing.

“We give them business programming, we give them a small, less risky place to open their storefront, and by the time they graduate after a year, they’ll open a storefront downtown,” Director of Downtown Community Development for Downtown Lansing Julie Reinhardt said.https://statenews.com/article/2022/03/im-going-to-make-my-stamp-here-lansings-micro-market-welcomes-6-new-businesses