Downtown Cigar Shop You Need To Check Out

Enjoying a nice cigar is a good way to relax. Finding a good cigar in mid Michigan is easy. We have a lot of cigar & smoke shops in Lansing for you to choose from.

There are plenty of special occasions that cigar lovers, or even occasional cigar smokers associate with enjoying a cigar. It could be a wedding, birthday, new-born, bachelor or bachelorette party (women enjoy cigars too), career advancement or New Year’s Eve. All worthwhile reasons to enjoy a good cigar.

I love a good cigar. My friends Parker & Dave and I enjoy going to the Downtown Smoking Club on Washington in downtown Lansing. The vibe is exactly what I would expect at a “smoking club”. They have really nice, comfortable leather furniture. They have TVs you can watch the “game” on too. We watched some of the World Cup a couple of years ago at the Downtown Smoking Club. It was a blast.

At the Downtown Smoking Club you can b.y.o.b. Bring your beverage of choice, kick back and enjoy the conversation. When my wife and I started dating we went to the smoking club on one of our first dates. We both enjoyed cigars and she brought her own beverage to mix and I enjoyed an ice water. This is exactly what I thought a cigar “club” should look and feel like.