Celebrating Lansing’s 2022-’23 theater season

Todd Heywood

“The 2022-’23 theater season was extraordinary, with exemplary work from all involved. It’s awe-inspiring that both Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. and Ixion Ensemble pulled off their seasons without a permanent space. Kudos on that.

But Starlight Dinner Theatre blew the nomadic performance category out of the water with its production of “West Side Story.” Staged outdoors in downtown Lansing, the show was powerful, well-performed and perfectly set. Standout performances were delivered by Miles Nowlin as Baby John and Hannah Roman as Anybodys. Director Linda Granger overcame significant issues to bring the show to life, including losing many actors a week before opening night. Despite these obstacles, Granger and her crew delivered an outstanding and beautiful rendition of the beloved musical. For those reasons, “West Side Story” gets my nod as the best community theater musical performance.”

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