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Storybook Art: A Cosmic Smashbook Journey Series

Join Kendall Scott for three Saturdays to embark on a journey to Connect with your current story through collage and mixed media.

Inspired by September’s Harvest Moon our creative journey will visually explore what is arising during this season of abundance. Connect with your current story thru collage and mixed media. Join in a three-week journey of creative play and exploration.

Our Vessel of Travel will be a Cosmic Smashbook™Journal, transformed into a StoryBookArt Journal we will integrate blended tools from JourneyCircles™. The Art of Visual Story serves many expressive purposes. To heal, to reveal, to repair. Creative play supports rediscovering your wholeness, as well as creating a space of timelessness. Our journal is a place to relax the inner critic, a place to transform our thoughts, discover new ideas, and inspire our creative journey.

We meet for three Saturdays in September, each week will build on the prior week’s theme, and the overall theme of Harvest will hold us as new themes will be nested within.

The Cosmic Smashbook™ approach is one of creative play, whimsy & self-transformation. For all ages, no prior artistic experience is needed

This is an in-person event, held at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center.

Event Details
September 16, 2023
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

300 South Washington Square Ste 100