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Full Moon in Gemini Release

In the cycle of death and rebirth, the Full Moon represents the potential for change and new growth.
This Wednesday December 7th, there is a Full Moon in Gemini which highlights communication in all its forms and misrepresentations. Where do you need to speak up and be clearer with your boundaries? How are you allowing things to slip by, appearing to accept them simply by ignoring them and not taking action on them? Speak up and be intentional with your words and vision.
Come join us this Wednesday at 5-6pm for a free community event. Full Moons tend to reveal to us what we are carrying that no longer serves us. This is the perfect time to pay attention to what we’re holding onto, and to let it go.
Bry and Ally will be at the store to help you write your intentions for this Full Moon in Gemini on a piece of flying wish paper, and let it fly! Bry will also draw an oracle card for you in answer to a silent or spoken intention that you have.
Event Details
December 7, 2022

110 E Allegan St, Lansing, MI 48933-1802, United States