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Downtown Lansing Art Walk Tour

The Downtown Lansing Inc. Art Walk Tour features 25 artists paintings on 12 traffic signal boxes in downtown Lansing. You are invited to stroll along with the artists as we visit each location. Bring your walking shoes and get ready to see some amazing art and the meet the artists that created it. The art walk is part of the week-long Art Attack arts celebration.

The walk begins at 1pm, May 13th, at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Ionia Street and will end at Ionia Street and Washington Avenue.

Feature Artists included in the project are:

Dennis Preston
Marcus Cottom
Paul Vetne
Ryan Holmes
Mila Lynn
Christina Castilla
Sarah Hillman
Rebecca Douglas
Bob Rose
Genevieve Richardson
Susan Krans
Stephanie Vasko
Michelle Gregory
Tom Phillips
Nevin Speerbrecker
Sam Roe
Jennifer Wilson
Julian Van Dyke
Carrigan Van Dyke
Steve Pulford
Justin Platte
Corey Marie Kitley-Hassenger
Daniel J. Hogan
Samskee Deltaco
Laura Beimers
Meredith Remington

Event Details
May 13, 2023
1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

Downtown, Lansing, MI, USA