After 40 years at Kewpee’s, Tammie Bunker is at the heart of Lansing eatery

In the century since it opened, Weston’s Kewpee Sandwich Shoppe has become synonymous with Lansing.

The South Washington Square restaurant’s history is intertwined with the Weston family, who opened it in 1923, and its signature taste is found in its olive burger.

But the eatery’s heart and soul are embodied in Tammie Bunker.

Gary Weston hired her nearly 41 years ago, just after Bunker graduated from Eastern High School. Her vivacious personality and ever-present giggle have been constants at Weston’s ever since.

“You can hear her laughter right now,” Gary Weston said, on a Monday afternoon from a seat inside a booth at the restaurant. “Do you hear that laugh? That’s Tammie.”

Bunker stood behind Kewpee’s’s front counter serving customers and chatting with the staff, her laugh carrying into the dining room.