4 Female Entrepreneurs form Visual Arts Super Group


“The 4 Aces of Visual Arts” consist of 4 Lansing based artists:

The Ace of Spades, Sarah Sanders / The Ace of Diamonds Mila Lynn

The Ace of Hearts, Autumn Hopkins / The Ace of Clubs, Kylee Kellett

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(Lansing, MI) – It is not unusual in arts & entertainment to see talented artists come together to form “super groups”. The Rat Pack and later The Brat Pack in film, and The Highwaymen, Traveling Wilburys, & The Three Tenors in Music are just a few examples. In 2021, near the end of the pandemic, 4 visual artists from Lansing formed a super group of their own. Mila Lynn, Sarah Sanders, Autumn Hopkins, & Kylee Kellett, in addition to being real life friends, are 4 of the most recognized artists in the Mid-Michigan Art Scene. All 4 own their own individual artistic businesses, all 4 are from Mid-Michigan, & all 4 have decided to pursue their artistic careers based here in the Capital Region.

“The 4 Aces of Visual Arts” were revealed over a 4 week period with each Ace having a video vignette introducing & highlighting them & their work individually. Each Ace’s suit is a reflection of that artist’s personality. A 5th video vignette was then released highlighting the entire group as a whole. The videos were produced by Paul Schmidt & UnoDeuce Multimedia in collaboration with Opportunity Arts. The video vignettes aired on Opportunity Arts’ Facebook & Instagram, and are available for viewing permanently on the Opportunity Arts website. www.opportunityarts.org/the-aces

A meet and greet for The Aces is scheduled for June 27th from 2pm – 4pm as part of the Grand Opening Celebration of the Opportunity Arts Artitorium at Cedar Street Art Collective. At the event, each Ace will have art available for purchase, as well as 1 piece each that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Aces will also be available for pictures, & to sign autographs for fans & members of the community. In addition, esteemed local poet Morgan Madden will debut a poem at the event to honor & exalt The Aces.

About “The 4 Aces of Visual Arts”:
Sarah Sanders, The Ace of Spades, is the owner of Contrasted Content. A mixed media artist who specializes in body paint, Sarah doesn’t just create art, she becomes it. She’s Visual Art Personified. She’s been featured on the cover of books including The Social Gap Experiment Anthology, & in television shows including The Power of Mid-Michigan Arts. Sarah holds 2 collegiate art degrees from Lansing Community College.

Mila Lynn, The Ace of Diamonds, is the owner of Mind of Mila. An artist that truly knows & understands what her worth & value are, Mila has presented art on multiple continents. She has been featured on the cover of the Lansing State Journal, as well as in multiple television news outlets for her “Black is King” project. She is the winner of the 2021 MLK Jr. Holiday Art Contest sponsored by Delta Dental, The MLK Jr. Commission of Mid-Michigan, and the MSU Broad Art Lab.

Kylee Kellett, The Ace of Clubs, is the owner of Shooting Star Arts. A natural talent, Kylee has been featured at the Carnival of the Creatives, & at The Artist’s Umbrella’s monthly show. The only thing more extensive than her versatility is her talent & ability. Kylee comes from a family of great female artists, and can create anything from the smallest sticker to the largest mural.

Autumn Hopkins, The Ace of Hearts, is the owner of Aura Lee Gallery, a company she founded to honor her grandmother. Autumn’s mediums are emotion & passion. In addition to helping to raise her 9 siblings, Autumn is completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Michigan State University, where she was the recipient of the 2021 Ralf Henricksen Memorial Award in Art. The award recognizes a graduating senior painting major, whose work is deemed by the faculty to be the most successful in the final year of study.

It’s been said that if you pursue a career as an artist, the deck is stacked against you. But when it comes to these 4 artists, they form an unbeatable hand.

For more information on “The 4 Aces of Visual Arts”, including all 5 video vignettes highlighting the group, visit: www.opportunityarts.org/the-aces



Photo Credit: M.Clark Photography